Miley Cyrus calls godmother Dolly Parton 'the best living angel on earth'

Miley Cyrus couldn't have asked for a better godmother.

The 27-year-old has grown up with none other than country legend Dolly Parton to watch over her, and she's developed a strong admiration for the singer.

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During an appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" on Thursday, Cyrus reflected on her relationship with Parton and said she really is just as nice as you might imagine.

"(People) say, 'Don't meet your heroes,' but that doesn't apply to her," she said. "When you meet her, she's as incredible as you would have ever dreamed; she's even better. I mean, every single person on set, in a crowd, going to the grocery store, from the bottom to the top she's just ..."

Cyrus also joked that Parton always seems to have a parting gift on hand for all of her fans.

"Everywhere I go she pulls out a Dolly hat and hands it to somebody," the singer said. "I'm like, 'How many of these Dolly hats (does she have)?'"

When she was filming her hit Disney show, "Hannah Montana," as a teen, Cyrus got the opportunity to perform with her godmother. While talking with Fallon, she recalled the time Parton came to a table read for the show.

"I was only 15, I had zit cream all over my face, and my pajamas were on and we all had our backpacks going to school," she said. "And she came in a pink silk robe, and her hair barely could fit through the doorway. And that's one of those proud moments where when people started saying, 'So you call her Aunt Dolly, is that your real aunt?' (I'd say) 'Yes, she is.'"

Both Cyrus and Fallon are set to appear on Parton's upcoming Christmas album, "A Holly Dolly Christmas," and despite her busy schedule, Cyrus was thrilled to help her godmother out, even if it meant she had to sing a Christmas carol in her kitchen in the middle of July.

"What's funny about that is not many artists now make physical CDs, so I'm like, 'Dolly, I'm working on 'Midnight Sky,' I'm directing, is there any way that I can do this just a little bit later?'" Cyrus said. "And she's like, 'Honey, I gotta print the album, I needed it yesterday.'"

While thinking ahead about the rest of her career, Cyrus said she definitely wants to capture a bit of the magic that her godmother seems to have had in her lengthy run in the industry.

"She's who you want to be, not just the way that she is as an artist and as an entertainer because, speaking of evolutions, she's lasted," she said. "Her career has been so lasting and incredible, but she's just the best living angel on earth."