Miley Cyrus & Fletcher Kick Off 2023 With Sexy 'Midnight Sky' Duet

miley cyrus and fletcher
miley cyrus and fletcher
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If New Year’s Eve is any indication, 2023 is about to be the hottest year ever.

As a part of Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party, hosted by Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton on NBC, Miley brought along some of her favorite fellow musicians, including Rae Sremmurd and Lato. But it was her time with sapphic pop singer Fletcher that really caught our attention.

Fletcher started flirting with Miley when she changed a lyric in her song “Becky’s So Hot” to “Miley’s so hot” when she was singing before Miley came on. Then, later in the night, the two were on stage together, and things got even hotter.

As a part of the show, Cyrus sang her 2020 rock hit “Midnight Sky,” which samples Stevie Nicks’ classic song “Edge of Seventeen.” After the first chorus, she invited Fletcher on stage to sing the second verse.

Immediately upon walking onto stage, Fletcher put her arm around Cyrus and sang seductively to her. The two continued to sing to each other and stare deeply into each other’s eyes while holding hands and dancing.

At one magical moment, Fletcher got down on her knee and straddled Cyrus’ leg, holding onto her like she was a sci-fi heroine. The two continued to hang all over each other, sing directly to each other, and exchange flirty glances throughout the steamy performance.

Of course, the performance has set the internet on fire the last several days. Sapphics and queers across the internet have been watching over and over again.

Even queer star JoJo Siwa is getting in on the action. Over on TikTok, the newly single Siwa posted a video of her reacting to the duet. “POV: Taking a break in between reps watching this for the 476,000 time,” she wrote on the video, which shows a split screen of her face and the duet.

“This is everything we’ve all ever needed,” Siwa captioned the video, “My eyes say it ALL. Watch till the end for a surprise.”

At the end of the video, when Fletcher straddles Cyrus’s leg, a smiling Siwa speaks for us all when she can’t help but let all the water she’s been drinking fall out of her open mouth.

Fletcher released her terrific debut album, Girl of My Dreams, in 2022, and seems to be continuing to fly high after that. Cyrus hasn’t released an album since 2020’s Plastic Hearts but has recently announced a “new year, new Miley” statement that will include a new song “Flowers,” currently set for a release on January 13.

If this is how she kicks off 2023, we can’t wait to see what Miley does with the rest of the year!

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