Military intelligence: Sudan strike on Wagner signals Russia's decreasing influence in Africa

Military intelligence spokesperson Andrii Yusov said in an interview with Radio NV on Sept. 20 that he cannot confirm nor deny Ukraine's role in a strike against Wagner-backed militia in Sudan.

However, he said that the incident signals decreasing Russian influence in Africa and is a consequence of Moscow's criminal activities.

"And Ukraine will punish, as we have already said, enemies and criminals all over the world," the official said.

CNN reported on Sept. 19 that according to an unnamed Ukrainian military source, a "non-Sudanese military" was responsible for a military operation against Wagner-affiliated forces in Sudan, involving drone strikes and a ground operation.

The source reportedly believed that Ukrainian special services were likely responsible for the attack.

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Experts consulted in the investigation also told CNN that the tactics used in the strikes reflect Ukrainian military patterns.

However, some officials consulted doubted the source's claim.

A top-ranking Sudanese military official told CNN he did not believe the claim and that he had "no knowledge of a Ukrainian operation in Sudan."

Similarly, multiple U.S. officials responded to the reports with surprise and skepticism.

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