Military: Russia uses 'human wave' attacks near Krynky in Kherson Oblast

Russian troops keep conducting "human wave" assaults without using armored vehicles in the village of Krynky in Kherson oblast, Nataliia Humeniuk, a spokesperson of Ukraine's Southern Operational Command, said on Feb. 28 on national television.

Krynky is a small village in Kherson oblast, 40 kilometers north of Russian-occupied Oleshky. Before the beginning of the full-scale invasion in 2022, around 990 citizens lived there.

Heavy battles for this village continue. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu claimed that Russia had captured Krynky, but Ukraine's Southern Operational Command denied it on Feb. 21.

Humeniuk said that during the day, Russia made only one unsuccessful attempt to storm the village as it could not rotate and reinforce its troops. Attacks will likely intensify once the rotation happens, she added.

The spokesperson also said Ukrainian soldiers are "ready to fight for the positions and currently work on an extension of a bridgehead."

As heavy fighting continues in the region, Russia has made marginal advances along the eastern bank of Kherson Oblast. For months, Ukraine has successfully repelled Russian attacks around the village.

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