Military: Russian troops arrive in Belarus to train local drone pilots

Russian military instructors are arriving in Belarus to train Belarusian forces, Ukraine's military National Resistance Center reported on Oct. 28.

Citing Belarusian underground sources, the Ukrainian military said that Russian specialists are arriving at the military base in Byaroza, Brest region in western Belarus.

According to the report, the instructors use Russian fixed-wing reconnaissance drones like Supercam S100, S150, and S350.

The National Resistance Center also alleged that Russian forces would likely continue recruiting Belarusians to fight in Ukraine alongside Russian troops.

Prior, the National Resistance Center reported on Oct. 10 that Russian and Belarusian special forces planned a false flag attack on Belarusian territory that they intend to blame Ukraine for.

The center alleged that the plot involves a drone dropping munitions on an oil depot in the town of Pryluki, by the Polish-Belarusian border, a move likely aimed at increasing domestic support for Russia’s war among Belarusians.

The Kyiv Independent can't verify such claims.

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