Military vet Moulton joins 2020 presidential race

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    Textie McTexterson
    Congress is going to be empty with so many folks on the road campaigning, not that you will notice.
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    What’s his plan for the economy? Employment, trade, stock market?
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    I'm old enough to remember when there were about four Presidential candidates and campaigns lasted about three months. THIS is progress?????
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    Just Announced!!!! All Dem debates to be held in football stadiums with the home side reserved for candidates and visitors side for family and moderators. Standing room only for regular audience.
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    Tiger Eighteen
    I did a few combat tours in OIF and OEF and now injured during one of my deployments. I'm a 100% disabled seeking consent medical treatment. I'm sceptical of this guy? What's his plan for The Economy, Immigration, trade, Stock Market and what his plan for The future Military Industrial Complex?
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    "Moulton has also been a frequent critic of President Donald Trump — from foreign policy, ... to his push for a wall at the southern border."
    After seeing all the turmoil going on at the border, Moulton has already lost the nomination.
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    I can pickup about 175 TV Channels with my outside Antenna. The quality of programming was much better in the 1960's when we had far fewer commercial interruptions, and only 3-Networks, ABC, NBC, and CBS. With quantity we have lost quality.
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    Why is he a democrat if he believes in patriotism, security and law?
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    WHO??? This is beyond becoming a circus. This guy has absolutely no chance, which is the same for most of the announced Democratic candidates and serves no purpose other than to further divide focus, agendas, supporters, financing and reduces chance to beat Trump. Dems need to find a winner and, so far, it doesn't appear they have. Not good.
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    I don’t recall ever crossing path with a liberal service member while I served.