Military Veteran And His Dog Help Stop An Intruder

Edward Swingle and his German Shepherd helped police stop an intruder.

Video Transcript

- A Marine Corps veteran and his German shepherd helped police capture an intruder in Westmoreland County.

Police say it all started when Corey Pandullo broke into a garage in Scottdale on Wednesday. They say Pandullo fought with the officer who responded then stole an SUV and backed it over a wall. That's where Pandullo ran into Edward Swingle and his four-month-old puppy named Keeper.

EDWARD SWINGLE: My neighbor started yelling that there was a guy in my bushes.

- Swingle says he saw the guy trying to steal his motorcycle off his back porch, then run around to the front of the house.

EDWARD SWINGLE: I get right here and I see a guy running into my door full force. So I yell for my dog. I said, Keeper, go get him. And he went right there through those bushes, messed up the flower-- you can see the flowerpot-- and grabbed him by his pant legs and drug him off the porch.

- At this point, Swingle, a combat veteran and Purple Heart recipient, pulled his dog off Pandullo and demanded to know why he was trying to break in. But he says Pandullo went right back to trying to get into the house. So Keeper went after him again.

EDWARD SWINGLE: And so I let my dog have him again. And then they both went over across the street. He took off running across the street. And my dog was on his legs the whole way. And they went back in between the houses there.

- Swingle followed and this time held Pandullo at gunpoint on his neighbor's porch until police got there. While it was a team effort to capture the suspect, Swingle said there was really only one hero.

EDWARD SWINGLE: The dog. The dog is-- absolutely.

- Swingle says he's proud of how Keeper reacted. He says the dog has never been trained to protect him.