Miller believes Anderson ready for a female mayor

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Mar. 18—PENDLETON — Republican Anderson mayoral candidate Carol Miller believes the city is ready to elect a female mayor.

"I want people to vote for me because I would be a good mayor," Miller said at a Thursday meeting of the Madison County Tea Party.

Miller is seeking the party's nomination against incumbent city councilman Jon Bell and Rob Jozwiak.

She stressed economic development issues during her campaign appearance.

"We don't want the growth to pass us by," she said. "I want to promote Anderson and understand the highest and best use of land."

Miller said the current Anderson Economic Development Department is doing a good job, but the city needs to move into the 21st century.

She said the city has to encourage young people to seek training in skilled trades.

"We need to develop a workforce with the skills to fill the jobs in Anderson," Miller said.

She said the city's water infrastructure system needs to be improved so that businesses will locate in Anderson.

Last year, the Anderson City Council failed to approve an increase in the city's water rates to finance a proposed project by the administration of current Mayor Thomas Broderick Jr.

"That will be the key the first few years," Miller said. "There are grant funds available."

She said the proposal to spend $20 million on Athletic Park should be accomplished in phases over time.

Miller said the park should initially be made into a draw for local residents and eventually transformed into a regional draw in stages.

"The city is a business, and it's time to get a business person in office," the real estate agent said.

Concerning the homeless population in the area, Miller said she would like to see the successful programs used by other cities.

She said drainage issues along Nichol Avenue west of Raible Avenue must be addressed to attract businesses to the area.

"We need to build up the entire area," Miller said.

She said good things have taken place in Anderson, but said a cleanup of the corridors leading into the city should be prioritized.

"There has to be pride in ownership," Miller said. "We all want the same thing — we want the town to thrive."

She said in talking with people, she realized they have many sensible ideas for the city.

"The administration needs to talk to people," Miller said. "We have lots to promote in Anderson.

"We want to make it a place that people want to come visit, live here and start businesses," she said.

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