Millie Bobby Brown And Jake Bongiovi's 'Bear Hug' Shows How Serious They Are

millie bobby brown and jake bongiovi
Millie Bobby Brown And Her Fiancé’s Body LanguageGetty + Design Christine Giordano

If you’re not chronically online like myself, you may have missed the news that Millie Bobby Brown, 19, and her longtime-boyfriend-maybe-fiancé Jake Bongiovi, 20, are engaged…allegedly!

The Stranger Things star seemed to have announced her engagement to the budding film actor and son to rock legend Jon Bon Jovi in a recent Instagram post, in which the couple are all smiles and Millie is wearing a huge diamond ring on that finger. Obviously, as a die-hard Swiftie, the caption had to be none other than lyrics from Taylor Swift’s hit song “Lover.” You know the one: “I’ve loved you three summers now, honey, and I want ‘em all 🤍” (Oh, they’re totally in love.)

Like all modern couples, the Enola Holmes star and actor met through Instagram, presumably in the summer of 2020, if Millie’s caption is an accurate reference to the timeline of their relationship. In June 2021, the pair became “Instagram official” in a since-deleted post, per The Daily Mail.

Since then, however, the couple has not shied away from sharing all aspects of their relationship on social media—from their adventures around London to their first Christmas together. In March 2022, the pair further confirmed their relationship when they made their red carpet debut at the 2022 BAFTA Film Awards, per People.

It remains unconfirmed if and when Jake popped the big question, although rumors of their possible engagement have been circulating since March 2023, as Women’s Health previously reported. Whether or not they’re headed for the altar, there’s no denying their love is true.

To determine how this relationship developed from exchanging a few flirty DMs to sharing Taylor lyrics about each other on main, Women’s Health tapped body language expert Karen Donaldson to analyze the couple’s gestures throughout their three-year relationship.

Ahead, discover what Millie and Jake’s body language reveals about their love as fans await the official engagement confirmation. (Any day now, please!)

Jake is Millie's "security blanket."

That’s apparent from the “security blanket hug” displayed here, says Donaldson. What’s that, you ask? Let her explain: Jake is holding Millie from behind. He’s also covering her entire back like a shield, hence “security blanket.”

“This is Jake reassuring Millie, and [is] his non-verbal promise that he will keep her safe,” explains Donaldson. At the same time, Millie is holding onto Jake’s arm in a calm and easy manner.

They may be facing two separate directions, yet, “you see their unspoken connection through the hug and arm touch,” Donaldson notes.

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This pair trusts each other completely.

Here, Millie and Jake are sleeping next to each other, yet not touching. But, notice how their heads are close together, which according to Donaldson, is a sign of emotional closeness.

“Their crowns almost touching tells you that they don’t want to be apart and are open to communicating and hearing how each other thinks,” Donaldson explains. “It can also signal that they ended the night with deep pillow talks and fell asleep as is.” (Uh, could they get any more aww-dorable?)

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Physical touch is their love language.

Skin-to-skin contact is a form of bonding, and the larger the area of skin, the deeper the bond, says Donaldson. What’s more? “Skin-to-skin contact triggers the release of certain hormones associated with pleasure and bonding, [such as] serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin,” explains Donaldson.

In these images, it’s clear that Millie and Jake’s bond is deeper than skin deep and the lovey-dovey feels are all around. By how much they’re touching, it’s also apparent that one of their main love languages is probably physical touch.

As Millie connects her cheek to Jake’s in one photo, before turning to kiss him and hold his face in the next, “she’s showing her love for Jake through touch,” says Donaldson.

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They are each other’s first—and only—priority.

In this image, Millie and Jake are overlapping in each other’s space. “They’re making it a point to stay physically connected while out in public,” says Donaldson.

Millie’s torso is completely turned towards Jake, shutting out everyone else in the room and giving him her full attention, Donaldon notes. She’s also exhibiting a flirtatious gesture with her hand in her hair.

Additionally, they’re both displaying wide grins, telling you that they’re fully enjoying each other’s company, Donaldson adds. Oh, and that they definitely don’t shy away from the PDA.

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Millie and Jake’s love for one another runs deep.

Here, Millie is holding Jake tightly around his neck with her arms doubled over one another. “This is a ‘I love you forever, I don’t want you to go anywhere, and I want you to know it,’ hug,” says Donaldson.

Meanwhile, Jake pulls Millie’s entire body into himself with a bear hug. And while a bear hug is a deep embrace, Donaldson explains that this type of hug is less about intimacy and more of a statement about how deeply that person cares for the other. In other words, the depth of their adoration for each other is infinite.

As Shakespeare once, probably, said: “Ah, young love. Is there anything more sweet and tender?”

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