Experts Say Millie Bobby Brown's Sparkly Engagement Ring Could Be Worth $150,000

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millie bobby brown net worth
MBB's Engagement Ring Could Be Worth $150,000Courtney Chavez - Getty Images

Millie Bobby Brown has been acting for years. She's had smaller roles on shows like Once Upon a Time and Grey's Anatomy. But it’s her role as Eleven on Stranger Things that made her a household name and earned her some serious cash. Millie’s only 19, but she’s already making millions. Here's everything you want to know about Millie Bobby Brown's net worth.

Millie didn't start earning the big checks until she landed her Netflix role on Stranger Things. According to Deadline, she was reportedly making about $30,000 per episode for the first two seasons of Stranger Things, but now Fox Business reports that for season three, she earned $350,000 per episode. To put that into perspective, that's over a quarter of a million dollars per episode or $2.8 million for all eight episodes of the third season. There is no official report of how much MBB earned for Stranger Things season 4, but reports claim that she brought home around roughly $300,000 per episode. With season 5 underway, Millie is going to continue to cash in on the show's popularity.

Her TV roles opened the door for Millie to make a splash on the big screen as an actor and also as a producer. She starred in the film adaptation of the Enola Holmes Mysteries book series, but she’s also a producer. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Millie earned $6.1 million to star in the first Enola Holmes film and an additional $500,000 for producing. Enola Holmes earned a sequel and was released in 2022, reportedly earning the multihyphenate $10 million.

Before Enola, Millie first made her feature film debut in Godzilla: King of the Monsters in 2019. The Blast reported that she was paid about $1 million for her role in the movie. She reprised her role as Madison for the next film in the Godzilla chain, Godzilla vs. Kong, which was the highest-grossing film of the COVID-19 pandemic era. While her paycheck for the second movie hasn’t been reported, we can assume, based on the franchise's success and her rising fame, that she was paid more for the second film.

On top of all that, in 2020, Netflix confirmed that MBB will be starring in and producing a new Netflix original film, The Girls I've Been, which is based on Tess Sharpe's novel of the same name. Millie is also slated to produce another Netflix film, A Time Lost, based on a story she developed with her sister, Paige Brown. She'll be earning yet another movie paycheck from starring in the upcoming film adaptation of the book The Thing About Jellyfish by Ali Benjamin. There are no release dates set for these projects just yet, but based on her past paychecks, her upcoming work for Netflix will certainly help to grow her net worth.

Millie’s also making money off-screen as a model. She became one of the faces of Calvin Klein in 2017 when she appeared in their "By Appointment" campaign. She also participated in the brand's holiday campaign. In 2017, Millie also signed a contract with IMG Models. Then in 2018, she starred in a campaign for clothing brand, Moncler.

Millie's work with brands doesn't end there. She's appeared in commercials for Citigroup and made her debut as a director in Samsung's With Galaxy short film in 2022.

She released collections with Converse and Vogue Eyewear. Millie became a brand ambassador for Pandora Jewelry in 2019. These different projects have continued to rack in money for the star.

Speaking of jewelry, MBB got engaged to Jake Bongiovi in April 2023 and experts believe that her engagement ring could be worth a LOT of money. While it's hard to tell without a close-up photo of the sparkler, Ajay Anand of Rare Carat estimated to Page Six that the ring is about 3 carats with a $75,000 value. Mike Fried of The Diamond Pro suggested that Millie's rock could even be 5 carats, which would make it worth almost $150,000.

In March 2023, Millie announced a partnership with water brand Essentia, where she starred in the "Stop for Nothing" campaign. Throughout the campaign, the Stranger Things star discussed how she balances her many roles both on and off the screen.

The actor and entrepreneur even earned money from video games. In November 2018, she collaborated with EA Games on The Sims 4 as part of its positivity challenge, which encourages gamers to commit good deeds for other Sims in order to unlock rewards.

Now, Millie has her own brand. Florence by Mills is a clean beauty collection that took two years to create. It focuses on clean, vegan makeup and skincare at an affordable price.

In 2020, Millie and her family purchased a majority stake in the brand, which was developed by brand incubator Beach House Group. This means that she will have more control over the company. There are currently no public reports about the revenue that Florence by Mills brings for the 19-year-old actress.

On September 12, 2023, Mille will make her debut as an author. HarperCollins imprint William Morrow revealed that the actor will publish her first novel. The novel is inspired by the actor's grandmother Ruth, who survived the Bethnal Green Tube disaster during World World II.

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"Inspired by my Nanny Ruth, this book is very personal and close to my heart. I grew up listening to stories about her living through the war. I'm honored to keep her story alive," MBB said in a statement obtained by The Hollywood Reporter.

millie bobby brown net worth money
Courtney Chavez - Getty Images

Millie Bobby Brown's net worth sits at around $14 million according to Celebrity Net Worth, and with all her different projects, that number will only continue to climb. Millie's only 19, so can you imagine all the other ventures she'll get into in the future?

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