Millions participate in early voting for president

Shant Shahrigian, New York Daily News
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Millions of voters mailed ballots and endured long lines at polling sites over the weekend.

Almost 60 million Americans had voted for president as of Sunday morning, according to the Guardian.

California and Texas had the biggest early turnout so far, with each state receiving more than five million votes through the weekend, according to the U.S. Elections Project.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic partly explained the huge turnout.

But a political scientist noted many Americans view this year’s presidential election as the most important of their lifetimes.

“People are determined to express themselves and we all know why: Donald Trump. That includes his base: The cult is going to support the cult leader,” Larry Sabato, founder and director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, told the Guardian.

“But there are more, maybe quite a bit more, who want to end this nightmare,” he added. “And that’s the way people put it. If you don’t like the word, I’m sorry — that’s just the way it is.”

In New York, voters complained of long lines at 88 polling sites that opened Saturday.

Mayor de Blasio was nowhere to be seen during the process, but Gov. Cuomo slammed the city Board of Elections.

“Time after time, the New York City Board of Elections has failed to perform for the people of New York,” he said during a call with reporters. “There will be a lot of questions when this election is over, and they will have to answer them.1/4 u200e They will be held accountable.”


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