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Millions Of Stimulus Checks Going Out This Week

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If you have not received your stimulus payment, hang on. KDKA's Jon Delano has more.

Video Transcript

KYM GABLE: If you have not received your stimulus payment yet, hang in there. Another 25 million payments are on the way. That announcement comes straight from the IRS following weeks of waiting.

STACY SMITH: Money editor JON Delano takes a closer look at who has yet to receive their check and when to expect it.

JON DELANO: More than 156 million payments have already been made since President Biden signed his American Rescue Plan four weeks ago, but millions more are waiting.

MARY BACH: Just today, my husband and I did receive our stimulus payments by direct deposit. You might be able to tell that we are on social security.

JON DELANO: Mary Bach, who chairs the Consumer Issues Task force for the Pennsylvania AARP, says many older Americans are just now getting their stimulus payments.

MARY BACH: Patience is definitely a virtue this time.

JON DELANO: 23 of the 25 million payments processed this week are going to Social Security recipients through direct deposit.

RAPHAEL TULINO: When working with other agencies, like the Social Security Administration, we had to wait to get the data from them.

JON DELANO: Another one million payments are going to those eligible for more money based on their just filed 2020 tax returns, with another one million stimulus payments going to those for whom the IRS had no previous record until a 2020 return was filed.

RAPHAEL TULINO: The bottom line is, if we don't have information from a taxpayer because a return is not filed, we're going to need that tax return.

JON DELANO: Among those still waiting are veterans, who don't file tax returns but receive benefits from the VA. Those stimulus payments will go out April 14. While most Americans have banks for direct deposits and checks, one other group eligible for payments-- the homeless.

RAPHAEL TULINO: The IRS is definitely doing what we can to reach out to those who perhaps are unbanked, to those who are homeless, to those who don't necessarily have access to bank accounts and that kind of thing.

JON DELANO: If you think you are eligible for a stimulus check and don't receive a payment in the next few weeks, we have links to several tools at KDKA.com. And you can always claim your missing payment when you file your 2021 tax return next year. Jon Delano, KDKA News.