Milwaukee Newspaper Torches GOP Sen. Ron Johnson With Long List Of His Failings

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Wisconsin Republican Ron Johnson is “not fit to be your senator,” the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel declared in a stinging editorial published Wednesday.

The newspaper’s editorial board listed Johnson’s “long history of misleading claims” — including his “anti-science crusade” of sowing doubt on the COVID-19 vaccine and health measures aimed at mitigating the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, his downplaying of climate change, and his amplification of ex-President Donald Trump’s 2020 election lies.

Johnson is “the most irresponsible representative of Wisconsin citizens since the infamous Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy in the 1950s,” the editorial declared.

He “continues to put his own interests ahead of yours. He continues to put himself first and democracy second,” it concluded. “And he continues to show why he is not fit to be your senator.”

Read the full editorial here.

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