"30 Is Too Old To Argue With People Online": People Are Sharing What You Get Too Old For After Your 20s, And I Sprained My Neck Nodding At These Hot Takes

The idea of having your life together by 30 years old is such a laughable myth — just because you hit Jenna Rink's age doesn't mean you magically become the best version of yourself. With that said, there are certain behaviors that the majority of millennials feel are better left behind in your 20s.

Daniel Howell
Daniel Howell

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Redditors of my age group added their takes, based on their own experiences, on what these behaviors are when they responded to a thread asking, "What is 30 too old for?" Here are the takes that stood out to me — and if any of the Gen Z'ers reading this think some of the points below are "dramatic," just wait. Prepare yourselves.

1."Arguing with people online."

Rick from "Rick and Morty" furiously typing
Rick from "Rick and Morty" furiously typing

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"Whenever I start to type an angry reply, I stop, realize how dumb it is, and then delete the message."


2."Mind games and poor communication."

Couple argues at the "90 Day Fiancé: Reunion" about husband cheating


"Communicating is difficult, and it's not something a lot of people were taught at all. So if you don't know how to communicate properly, you need to put in the work to do that, too. No one expects you to be perfect, but you have to TRY — that means being up-front, using kind words, asking open-ended questions, talking through your issues and conflicts, and a lot of other really important things that make someone a good communicator.

"Being able to articulate your feelings is key to understanding them. The process can be uncomfortable, but you'll be better off overall if you do that work early in life."



3."Sleeping wrong."

Someone holding on to neck in pain while at the computer


"My whole day is screwed if I sleep with too many/few pillows, rolled on my stomach, left the fan on, or didn't turn the fan on and got too hot."


"I recently developed some sleep anxiety and figured, 'Maybe I just need a change of scenery...' So I set up an amazing cozy fortress of pillows and blankets on the couch and fell right asleep.

"Then I had a kink in my neck bothering me for the next five days. I didn't realize until about a week later that my neck was probably hurting because of the half night I spent on the couch. Ugh."


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4."Sneaking up on someone. I was just recently trying to sneak up to my wife, who had fallen asleep in her chair. The sound of my knees popping blew my cover."

Jennifer Lopez singing at the 2020 presidential inauguration
Jennifer Lopez singing at the 2020 presidential inauguration

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"And bending at the knees, apparently. I regret waiting until being nearly 40 before taking up light stretches and yoga in the morning. It’s already made a huge difference in bending."


5."Judging people for what they enjoy at an older age."

Minority Leader of the House Hakeem Jeffries lectures the House of Representatives
Minority Leader of the House Hakeem Jeffries lectures the House of Representatives

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"I rarely 'cringe' anymore. I just like seeing someone happy, being themselves, and unabashedly feeling joy. I don’t need to 'get it.' Joy should be encouraged — it’s hard to find for many for us."


6."Trying to go pro in most sports."

Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Cuccaneers at the press podium after game


"It’s wild to be in your early 30s and realize most everyone you watch in sports or in the Olympics is younger than you."


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7."Living your life for other people's happiness and making yourself miserable for it."

Therapy appointment of client talking about not feeling in control of her life
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8."Owning only one towel. You should already own more than one, but if you're older than 30 and not in some serious financial trouble, you should want better for yourself — get another towel, stat."

Talking about washing a towel in "New Girl"

9."Being up-to-date on slang. I'm 32 and realizing I have no concept of current slang terms whatsoever."

University dean learning new slang in "Grown-ish"
University dean learning new slang in "Grown-ish"

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"I'm 34 years old. My husband and I had a full 15-minute conversation discussing the meaning and origin of 'no cap.' This discussion included a Google search and a visit to Wikipedia and the Urban Dictionary.

"That's when I knew my youth was over.

"There wasn't much of it left anyway, but I think that was officially it."


10."Pretending to be interested. You ever just walk away from a horrible conversation while someone is mid-sentence about some crap? Great feeling."

Kehlani walking away from a burning fire in "Good Thing" music video

11."Not much. It might not feel like it right now, but the world is your oyster at 30."

Jennifer garner and Judy Greer toast drinks in "13 Going On 30"


"You’re still young, but you finally have enough knowledge of self to make wiser decisions, and confidence enough not to put up with bullshit. At least that’s what it’s been like for me. I feel like I didn’t start living life until I was like 28."


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12."Putting up with BS. After your 20s, the tolerance for people's bullshit drops so much from what we usually tolerate when we're younger. I finally realized I can walk away if I don't like something."

Miley Cyrus dancing up a driveway in "Flowers"


"The first time I realized this was so relieving. I was at my grandma's Christmas party, and my family was casually bringing up the bullying they did to me when I was a kid. I don't like 95% of my family and thought to myself, I don't like these people, but I drove myself here. Wait...I drove myself here. So I can drive myself back home! And I left.

Now, every time I'm somewhere I don't like, I just walk away and leave."


SME / Via youtube.com

13."Not knowing basic survival skills, like cooking or doing your laundry, and relying on someone to do it for you."

Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton enter a laundromat in "The Simple Life"

14."Dealing with nonsensical family members. Blood can definitely be dud, and you realize that just because you're related doesn't mean you have to be tied to them."

Discussing boundaries in "Hey Arnold"
Discussing boundaries in "Hey Arnold"

Nickelodeon / Via giphy.com


15."Getting into a physical fight over words. There's a lot more to lose as you get older for assaulting someone over what they said."

Will Smith yells at and then slaps Chris Rock at the Oscars
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

16."Drinking milk without hurting, apparently."

Andrea Savage in "I'm Sorry" talks about a sexual fantasy involving Lactaid milk
Andrea Savage in "I'm Sorry" talks about a sexual fantasy involving Lactaid milk

truTV / Via giphy.com


17."Unless you have a major health issue or medical disability, having someone else pick up after you once you've hit 30 really shouldn't be happening — be it parents if you live at home, your girlfriend or boyfriend, or roommates who just do it 'cause they can't live in a messy home and you refuse to clean."

Standing above a messy pile of laundry
Matias Castello / Getty Images/EyeEm

18."Having the captions off when watching TV at home."

Person pointing out that "life is better with captions"
Person pointing out that "life is better with captions"

ITCs4all / Via giphy.com


"I am surprised at how many little details I've found in shows I've seen multiple times before with captions on."


19."Listening to loud music without hearing protection."

Doctor checking patient's ear
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20."Asking people you just met for their Snapchat as the sole means of initial communication!"

Singer Ingrid Michaelson with the Snapchat dog filter
Singer Ingrid Michaelson with the Snapchat dog filter

Ingrid Michaelson / Via giphy.com

"It just sets a certain tone."


21.And finally, "Thirty is too old to be worrying about what you're too old for. If it makes you happy, do it."

Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo lead a dance in "13 Going On 30"
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If you're over 30, what are some things you feel you age out of once your 20s are over? Share your wisdom in the comments.

Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.