‘Mindhunter’ Star Lauren Glazier Gives Us a Behind-the-Scenes Look Into How She Prepared for Her Role

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*Warning: Spoilers ahead* 

ICYMI: Netflix’s hit crime-thriller Mindhunter has finally returned with a second season. And while agents Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) and Bill Tench’s (Holt McCallany) mission hasn’t changed, some new faces have joined the fray and not all of them are serial killers.

We chatted with series newcomer Lauren Glazier about diving into her role as Kay, Dr. Wendy Carr’s (Anna Torv) love interest, and learned a bit about the planning and preparation that went on behind the scenes.

“Once I booked the part, David [Fincher, ya know, famed director of such little-known films as Gone Girl and The Social Network] was really collaborative and would chat with me,” the 34-year-old Canadian actress explained. “He would answer questions and was really open to my ideas.”

Aside from liaising with her director, Glazier immersed herself in the world that Kay, a homosexual woman working as a bartender in Atlanta, occupies through myriad ways. “I listened to a lot of music from the time period and I did a little research about what it was like to be gay at that time. I practiced making cocktails and pouring beers,” she recalled.

Thinking back, Glazier noted that it was her careful studying of the era and of the experiences of women similar to Kay that really helped her hone in on her role.

“[Kay is] a fun, confident, complicated, interesting person, so you have to take as many clues as you can from the script and then see where you end up,” Glazier mused. “What organically came out of me and into Kay was from the research [I did]. It helped me seep into her.”

Although Glazier says she’s unsure of Kay’s or the series’ future, we have a feeling we’ll see her again in upcoming seasons.

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