Mini Poodle's Annoyed Reaction to Mom Returning From Paris Is Downright Hilarious

He's clearly trying to make a point.

Everyone--even a pet parent--needs to get away sometimes, though being apart from a fur baby can be the hardest piece of the trip. Some may try bringing their four-legged friend along for the voyage, but it may not be as easy (or even possible) as you think. Whatever the reason may be--it happens! 

Coming back home to a beloved pet can make the ends of trips bearable, too--when they're excited to see you, that is! Dog mom @ashlandavenue didn't quite get the greeting she was hoping for when she returned to her dog, Papa, but TikTok is LOLing over her Miniature Poodle's serious attitude. 

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OMG, what a little stinker! We can't believe he's is being so cold to his mama, but we'd also be lying if we said it wasn't also kind of cute. 

"It’s the first eye roll for me," wrote commenter @bdior24. It was a whole moment! We knew Poodles could be sassy, but Papa is dramatic AF. Not that we blame him, though--we want to go to France, too!

"He’s a poodle," @christina_la_sirena mentioned "That’s the French dog 🐩 He feels slighted." LMAO! While the Poodle is the national dog of France, according to the American Kennel Club, the breed itself is actually German, though we don't think it matters one bit. Paris could appeal to just about anyone! 

"LMAOO and there were so many dogs there too," Papa's human replied. "And my hotel was dog friendly so I’m in the wrong 🥺." Sounds like you just have to go back to Paris with Papa now! 

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