Minister urges people not to book summer holidays yet

International Trade Secretary, Liz Truss, urges people to wait for an announcement from the UK’s travel taskforce before booking foreign holidays this summer.

Video Transcript

- Would you be booking a summer holiday this year?

- Well, not yet is the answer, Nick. I'm waiting like everybody else until the results of the global travel taskforce are out to see what the situation is.

- Right. So that would be Friday then that we have to wait. Is that correct?

- Well, it's shortly, Nick. I can't confirm the precise date but I can assure people they won't have to wait much longer.

- OK. But how important is it of course for your role as International Trade Secretary to get Britain able for business men and business women to start trading in an international basis again, Liz Truss?

- It's very important. There's a certain amount you can achieve on Zehmer teams, but it is the face to face meetings that can really drive business forward. So of course, we need to do it when it's safe. Of course, we need to have the right procedures in place. But it is incredibly important that we are able to get travel going again. Of course, for trade and business. Of course, for people to see their families and for travel in general.