Minneapolis businesses, hit by "crime spree," are on edge

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City officials said 140 Minneapolis businesses were hit by a "crime spree" that took place as law enforcement were responding to protests in Brooklyn Center earlier this week.

  • The activity has business owners, already on edge about the trial, even more concerned.

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Details: Businesses across the city were burglarized, vandalized and looted, said Erik Hansen, director of economic policy and development for Minneapolis. Cell phone stores, gas stations, pharmacies, liquor stores and tobacco shops were the most commonly hit.

It was crime of opportunity, Hansen said, as people took advantage of civil unrest in Brooklyn Center, where businesses were also hit.

  • "Many of the businesses are in areas where unrest impacted them last year and a number of them are just getting back on their feet," Hansen said at a Thursday news conference.

The bottom line: Police Chief Medaria Arradondo said he doesn’t want the city re-traumatized after what happened last year.

  • National Guard units are already posting up in the city.

  • "As we get into verdict time, there’s going to be much more of a presence out there," Arradondo said.

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