Minnesota gun-rights group sues for right to bear arms at state fair

Minnesota gun-rights group sues for right to bear arms at state fair
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A nonprofit gun-rights group in Minnesota sued one of the state's counties and its sheriff for not allowing attendees of the Minnesota State Fair to carry firearms at the event.

The group, Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus, told the Washington Examiner the fair in Ramsey County will prohibit firearms for the safety of attendees. However, the caucus disagrees and argues firearms are needed for self-defense and other purposes.

In their suit, filed Aug. 10, the plaintiffs "wish to exercise their fundamental, constitutionally and statutorily protected right to carry loaded, operable handguns on their person, at the annual Minnesota State Fair, for lawful purposes including immediate self-defense. But they cannot because of the laws, regulations, policies, practices, and customs that defendants have been enforcing and continue to actively enforce today."


The lawsuit, provided to the Washington Examiner, claims the group's right to bear arms is supported by the Second Amendment and Minnesota public policy, which states the state Legislature "recognizes and declares that the second amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees the fundamental, individual right to keep and bear arms."

One of the plaintiffs of the lawsuit, Rev. Tim Christopher of Berean Missionary Baptist Church, plans on attending the fair and wants to carry a firearm to defend himself.

In their argument, the plaintiffs cited a rise in crime in Minnesota, including at the state fair. In 2019, nine fights broke out on the evening of Aug. 31, and two days later on Labor Day, a shooting took place outside the fair as it closed for the night, according to ABC 5.

The Minnesota State Fair will have metal detectors at all entrances, and purses, bags, and other items will be subject to search at the entrance. Weapons, fireworks, drones, skateboards, and alcoholic beverages are also prohibited from the event.


The fair will take place from Aug. 26 through Labor Day on Sept. 6.

Fair officials declined to comment to Washington Examiner, as they do not comment on pending litigation.

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