Minnesota State Fair Swaps Food Parade For Walk-Around ‘Kickoff To Summer’

Minnesota State Fair fans will have an opportunity to get a taste of the fair in just a few weeks, Lisa Meadows reports (1:54). WCCO 4 News At 6 - May 4, 2021

Video Transcript

- The Minnesota State Fair is giving you an opportunity to get a taste of the summer event a little early.

- Yeah, instead of last year's food parade, this year, the fairgrounds will have a walk around event, and they're calling it a kickoff to summer at the fair. Lisa Meadows has a look at what we can expect.

LISA MEADOWS: Right now, the Minnesota State Fairgrounds are full of people getting their COVID vaccine. But in just a few weeks, it'll be full of fear fans here to check out the kickoff to the summer at the state fair.

- It's just a slice of the fair, but at a smaller capacity. So we will have about 10,000 people per time slot, seven time slots.

- This will replace the food parade that was held last year.

IZZY APPERT: I wasn't really interested in just driving through, because I love walking around.

- Not this year. We are back to having fun on our own two feet.

TERESA BRUBAKER: Beside the family time, the animals, we each have our special food that we like, pork chop on a stick, lemonade.

- It will be held over Memorial weekend, May 27 through the 31st.

DANIELLE DULLINGER: We're going to have 24 vendors. Some favorites include Sweet Martha's, obviously, will be here. Deep fried pickles are back, Pronto Pups.

- And it's not just a five day food event. They'll also have drinks, like music and shopping. But everyone will be required to follow health and safety guidelines, including wearing a mask.

- You do have to be wearing that mask, until you are seated, and then you can take off your mask.

- The current vaccination clinic will still be ongoing, but will be on the other side of the fairgrounds, leaving this area free for the family fun we missed out on last year.

- We're very excited to be able to tide people over, give them a way to gather in person, get some fair food, see some entertainment, get together safely.

- Lisa Meadows, WCCO 4 News.

- The ticket cost is $12.50 a person. Kids ages four and under can get in for free, and you'll have to sign up for a chance to buy those tickets. That'll be done lottery style. We have all that information on our website at wcco.com/links.