Minnesota teacher throws surprise wedding at school

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. (FOX 9) - A teacher at a Catholic school in Golden Valley had a big surprise for her students earlier this month during Catholic Schools Week. Catie Zwier got married in the middle of her school day and included her students in the ceremony.

Family and friends of the bride and groom lined the pews inside the church at Good Shepherd School in Golden Valley for Catie and Kevin Zwier’s big day. But the big day for the kindergarten teacher came with an even bigger surprise for her students.

"The kids were all dressed up. Our priest was on board, it just kind of happened," Mrs. Zwier said. "I don’t know that anyone’s ever done this before. I’ve never heard of a teacher doing a full surprise wedding."

None of Mrs. Zwier’s students saw the surprise coming. Of course, her family and friends were on hand for the wedding on Feb. 1, but most of the people in attendance were actually her current and former students during their regular school day mass.

"There was like a hush that fell over as the kids processed what was happening," Kevin Zwier said. "And then it just erupted, it was just pandemonium everywhere."

"I saw all of my friends who were like woah," fifth-grader Clare Purdy said.

"They were like what the heck is happening," first-grader Layla Jacob continued.

"Everyone didn’t know what to think," sixth grader Connor Purdy explained. "They were kind of just looking everywhere, like wait, what? They’re getting married at school?"

"They were like what… this is happening?" sixth-grader Zac Jacob added.

Some of the students had roles in the ceremony, "I was the flower girl, and I did a reading," Layla told FOX 9.

Looking back at it now, the newlyweds say they wouldn’t change a thing about their kid-friendly ceremony.

"I know how much the school is important to Catie. And from day one they’ve been so welcoming to me, and everyone has been so nice," Kevin finished. "We wanted a way to include the community."

Catie and Kevin now plan to go on a honeymoon in California this spring.