Minnesota Welcomes Spring On #Top10WxDay

When it's a #Top10WxDay on a weekend, you know Minnesotans are going to take advantage of that and get outside, Marielle Mohs reports (1:49). WCCO 4 News At 5 - March 20, 2021

Video Transcript

- And when it's a top 10 weather day on the weekend, you know Minnesotans are going to take advantage of that and get outside. WCCO's Marielle Mohs found plenty of people soaking in the sun all across the metro.

MARY GENTRY: And considering it snowed Monday, this is a perfect day today.

MARIELLE MOHS: A packed patio at the Gnome Craft Pub in St. Paul's Cathedral Hill neighborhood. Reservations for outdoor seating were sold out for Saturday.

- We tried to--

- I think Monday.

- --book it last week. On Friday, it was all sold out.

MARIELLE MOHS: This group of friends all live in the same apartment building in St. Paul. It was their first time out together at a restaurant since the pandemic started.

MARY GENTRY: Today was the first day that somebody brought me a Bloody Mary, and it was glorious. It tasted better than any Bloody Mary has tasted in a year.

MARIELLE MOHS: The first day of spring is also the first day Edinburgh Golf Course here in Brooklyn Park is open. And golfers are so excited to get out and enjoy this nice weather that their tee times are booked solid all weekend.

GRAHAM GERSHGORAN: We tried to look 10 different courses and finally found one that was open for four people.

MARIELLE MOHS: Graham Gershgoran and his son hit the links for the first time this year. He knows warm Minnesota days in March are never promised.

GRAHAM GERSHGORAN: My birthday is in a month, and I usually gauge the season like, can I golf by my birthday or not? It's about a 50-50 chance. So I'm pretty happy to be out here today.

JEFF WOODWARD: It feels fantastic.

MARIELLE MOHS: Jeff Woodward is just excited for a sunny warm start to his golf season, even if he had to battle some wind.

JEFF WOODWARD: Wind makes everything really difficult. I'm just out here because it's the first day of the season, and why not?

MARIELLE MOHS: In Brooklyn Park.

- The best part is getting out after the pandemic.

MARIELLE MOHS: Marielle Mohs, "WCCO 4 News."

- While today was sold out, there are some patio reservations at the Gnome in St. Paul still available for tomorrow.