Minnie Mouse to feature in an Ambush capsule for Uniqlo

Uniqlo is extending its UT (Uniqlo T-shirts) collection to include a new capsule with the Ambush label, founded by famous jewelry designer Yoon Ahn and rapper Verbal. The capsule's Minnie Mouse-themed athleisure and streetwear-inspired models will go on sale in stores and online from February 27.

In a new collaboration, the Japanese giant Uniqlo has teamed up with another Japanese label, Ambush, and Disney to unveil a collection of ready-to-wear and accessories inspired by Ambush's high-end streetwear universe and the Disney icon Minnie Mouse.

"I have always been a big fan of Uniqlo. Being able to work with UT to bring my Ambush vision with Disney is a dream come true. It will be exciting to see so many people around the world in them," announced the capsule designer Yoon Ahn.

The collection mainly consists of T-shirts for women, but there are also coats, parkas, pants and a series of accessories including hats and bags. Little girls have not been forgotten, with a selection of dresses in small sizes.

For the collaboration, Ambush has reinterpreted Minnie's universe with motifs and messages expressing love. Uniqlo fans will appreciate a hand-drawn heart, a new version of the famous character's iconic ribbon, and "Love" inscriptions. All of these treasures are available in Ambush's signature shades of pale pink and mint green.

The results of this new collaboration will go on sale in Uniqlo stores and online on Uniqlo.com from February 27, 2020.