Mint Hill resident says mail from 11 neighborhoods dumped in mailbox

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Mint Hill resident Aqesha Ritzie said she opened her mailbox to find mail from 11 neighborhoods across the area.

“I go down to my mail,” Ritzie told Channel 9. “I was expecting something in the mail and I was, like, ‘Oh, I got more than I expected.’”

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She got mail from communities, including Quail Ridge, Beaverdam and Lebanon.

“It wasn’t like it was just one after another,” she said. “It was like houses over here, in there.”

Ritzie stressed that this is not normal.

A spokesperson for the U.S. Postal Service said the Mint Hill Post Office services those streets.

Ritzie thinks a postal worker dumped the parcels off at her home.

“I think, again, it’s people are being worked beyond their point of caring,” she said.

Officials with USPS said the office is adequately staffed.


Ritzie wanted to help so she said the dropped the mail off at the Mint Hill office.

“It is concerning, because, especially, if someone has life-saving medication that they need and they might be homebound, and they’re not receiving medication that they need,” Ritzie said.

The Postal Service said it’s investigating the incident.

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