'We need a miracle': Wife of 25-year-old NHL player in a coma shares emotional plea

Drew Weisholtz

NHL player Colby Cave remains in the hospital after undergoing surgery for a brain bleed, and his family cannot be by his side because of restrictions due to the coronavirus.

His wife, Emily Cave, shared a moving post on Instagram Wednesday explaining their ordeal.

“Please wake up. Please wake up. It’s all I can keep asking, 'he’s going to wake up right?'” she wrote, alongside a pair of photos of her husband. “We need a miracle.”

Cave, 25, is a forward for the Edmonton Oilers.

His wife noted that neither she nor his parents are able to be by his side right now.

“Colby’s parents and myself, got to see him through a window and talk to him with a walkie talkie last night. We are no longer allowed to be in the hospital because Covid-19 rules. We have no idea when we will be allowed to see him again,” she wrote.

A devastated Emily Cave also said one of the nurses has moved her husband's wedding ring to a unique place.

“The nurse has tied his wedding band to his ankle. I am dreaming of being able to touch you, hear your voice, squeeze your hand (3 times), and kiss you again,” she wrote.

“I love you so much, and my heart is shattered into a million pieces without my best friend Out of difficulties grows miracles- 1 Peter 5:10.”

Edmonton Oilers v Vancouver Canucks (Rich Lam / Getty Images)

Cave remains in a medically induced coma after undergoing surgery to remove a colloid cyst putting pressure on his brain, NHL.com reported.

He had played in 11 games with the Oilers this season while also spending time in the minor leagues. He also played for the Boston Bruins prior to joining the Oilers in 2019.

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