Misfit Mountain animal rescue host 'Pigs in a Blanket' festival

Sep. 18—A 'Pigs in a Blanket' festival benefiting Misfit Mountain animal rescue will be held from 5 to 8 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 23, on the property located between Canton and Clyde.

The festival features a line-up of live music, 20 vendors, overnight camping and a huge garage sale for those who love the thrill of a thrift — with all proceeds supporting the animal rescue.

"People can camp anywhere. They can even camp with the pigs if they want to," said Amy McIntosh, executive director of Misfit Mountain. "This whole campground will be filled with vendors. It'll be a fun day to come out with the family and hangout with the animals."

Misfit Mountain not only offers animals a second chance of life and safe place to stay before they find their future families, but solace for people as well.

"Animals have saved my life, and I feel like they can save other people's lives too," McIntosh said. "They just provide so much comfort and peace and love. I think that what I found in them, others can find as well."

McIntosh has always been an animal lover and previously worked at a vet clinic, though having her own rescue was always the end goal.

"I used to tell my mom that I wanted to start an animal rescue in her backyard, and I could just live in the back," McIntosh said. "I got what I had always been asking for."

McIntosh's wife, Tera McIntosh, is the Director of Development at Misfit Mountain and surprised Amy with the current property — a gift that keeps on giving. The rescue works has brought in animals from a four-state area. Some come from animal shelters in smaller rural areas with limited capacity. Other animals come to Misfit after the owner surrenders them.

Misfit Mountain is unique in the way that they do not place a limit on the types of animals they intake; from guinea pigs to potbellied pigs, the rescue is open to re-homing and caring for all critters.

"Typically people will reach out to us and we'll be tagged in Facebook posts. We pull different animals from different areas when we can," McIntosh said. "As long as we can find foster families for them, or possible adopters, we can make it work."

Misfit Mountain also offers a 'Summer Camp' program to foster animals whose owners are going through trying times, but wish to have their animals once they're back on their feet.

"It's like long-term fostering for anyone experiencing homelessness, going to rehab, in the hospital, etc." McIntosh said. "Anyone that wants to reclaim their animal and is trying to get their life together, or has just had life throw a curveball at them."

Misfit Mountain also help humans in need by offering spots to those who need a safe space to park when they've lost their homes.

The camping fee during the festival is $10 for single campers and $30 for families. The lucky raffle winner will take home a cooler stocked with camping gear. Those who camp out can partake in sunrise swine yoga Sunday morning at 10 a.m.

For more information, or to learn about volunteering or fostering animals, visit www.misfitmountainnc.org.