Missile crashes in Moldova after Russian attack on Ukraine

A missile has been discovered in Moldova near the Ukrainian border after the recent Russian missile attack on Ukraine.

Source: Moldovan news outlet Newsmaker, European Pravda

Details: Officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moldova have found a missile near the border with Ukraine, in the vicinity of the town of Briceni. As noted, it was found by a border police patrol, as border control was tightened because of the attack.

The police and border guards cordoned off the area, crews of relevant services are expected to arrive at the scene.

Previously: A similar incident occurred on the morning of 31 October: fragments of a missile shot down by the Ukrainian anti-aircraft system fell on the territory of Moldova after a drone attack on the Dnister dam on the Ukrainian territory, 1 km from the dam in the village of Naslavcea. In this regard, the Moldovan Foreign Ministry announced the expulsion of one Russian diplomat after the incident; in response, Russia expelled one Moldovan diplomat.

During the Russian attack on Ukraine on 10 October, at least three missiles flew over the territory of Moldova; in the view of this fact, the Moldovan Foreign Ministry summoned the Russian ambassador.