Missile strikes destroy Kharkiv printing house

STORY: Part of a four-storey building with printing facilities collapsed and windows of a nearby high-rise office building were blown out in the eastern part of the city. At least five cars at a private service station close to the printing house were also destroyed.

Printing house staff said they produced books for children, encyclopaedias and other teaching material for schools across the country.

A preliminary expertise concluded that two Russian "Iskander-M" missiles hit the facilities in the Nemyshlyanskiy district of Kharkiv, according to Ukrainian authorities.

The Kharkiv regional military administration reported no casualties or injuries.

A Reuters eyewitness saw fragments of concrete more than a hundred meters away from the building following the attack.

Missile attacks on Ukraine's second largest city have taken place every night for the past two months.

Russia renewed its shelling of the city and the surrounding countryside in what Kyiv says is a bid to force Ukraine to pull resources from the main battlefield in Donbas to protect civilians from attack.

Russia denies targeting civilians in what it calls a "special military operation."