Missing 19-year-old Trevion Butler found dead in southwest Houston, family suspects murder

HOUSTON - What happened to Trevion Butler? It's something his family has been asking since November 15, when they say, he disappeared.

"On Wednesday, after I left work, he did not come home," said Andrea Butler, Trevion's mom.

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She says after midnight, several Sugar Land police officers came to her door looking for Trevion.

She says at the time, police wouldn't tell her why they were looking for him, but she went to the department first thing to report her son missing.

"I filed a missing report with Sugar Land police, because I didn't know where my baby was," she said.

She says that's when the police told her that Trevion's friend reported that Trevion had stolen a gun from him, and that's why they were knocking on her door early that morning.

But, by that time, she says Trevion's phone was off, his bank account silent, and Trevion was nowhere to be found.

"From Wednesday to Sunday, where was he?" asked Trevion's Grandma, Adrienne. "We tried our best to find him." she said.

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Andrea says over the next few days, they called Houston police, searched themselves, and asked different community members to help look for Trevion.

She says a detective gave her Ring camera video of when Trevion was last seen near his friend's condo in southwest Houston.

"I called HPD and I gave them the address and I said, can you please do a wellness check to see if my son is there," she said.

One person they asked to help was Albert Flores. A Houston man who often helps find missing persons in his free time.

On Sunday, Flores went out to the area Trevion was last seen. He says he put a drone in the air and quickly found what he was looking for.

"I'm not an expert, but it doesn't look like he's been there since the 15," said Flores.

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Trevion's body was found half a mile from his friend's residence in a wooded area. Flores said he saw a gun near Trevion's feet.

Sugar Land police confirmed that the body found is Trevion Butler and Houston police took over the case.

Though Houston police have not confirmed the identity, they say a body was found in the same exact location at the same exact time Sunday. They say the body had a gunshot wound.

Trevion's family believes that he was killed. Now they're just trying to figure out why.

"Why would you try to hurt my baby?" said Andrea.

Andrea and Adrienne say Trevion was open, trusting and loving. They are begging the public to come forward with information on what happened to Trevion.

"Think about your family, your loved one. Just come forward if you know anything. Please, please. God is watching you," said Andrea.

If you have any information on this case at all, you can call 713-222-TIPS and remain completely anonymous. You could receive a cash reward if your information leads to an arrest or conviction.