Missing Cat Reunited With Family After Surfside Building Collapse

A black cat seen wandering near the site of the collapsed condominium in Surfside has been reunited with his family, heartwarming footage shared by Miami-Dade Fire Rescue shows.

The cat, Binx, was reunited with his owners on July 9 for the first time since the June 24 tragedy, the fire service said. Binx lived with the Gonzalez family on the ninth floor of Champlain Towers South.

Animal rescue volunteer Miranda Peralez told local media that the cat had been seen roaming near the rubble pile days after the collapse. Peralez thought Binx might be a surviving pet, so she searched through tweets and articles online to see if any owners had posted photos of a missing black cat.

Peralez said animal rescue workers would try to keep Binx close to the command post for feeding and care, but the feline proved elusive, returning to the remains of his home.

“We just tried to keep him close by, but he kept running back to the site,” she said. “He didn’t want to leave.”

Binx was finally reunited with Tayler Gonzalez.

“I think it is him, yeah,” Gonzalez says in the video, taking Binx into her arms. “Oh my goodness.”

In the video, Gonzalez calls her sister Deven, who was injured in the collapse along with their mother, Angela. Both were receiving care at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Over video call, Gonzalez tearfully shares the good news.

Edgar Gonzalez, Tayler’s father, was still missing at the time of writing. The death toll rose to 95 as of July 13, officials said. Credit: Miami-Dade Fire Rescue via Storyful

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