Missing Concord Goat Captured In Sudbury After 10 Days On The Run

WBZ TV's Breana Pitts reports.

Video Transcript

LIAM MARTIN: A goat missing for nearly two weeks is finally back home.

KATE MERRILL: Breana is back with the story. Breana.

BREANA PITTS: Liam and Kate. Spencer the goat escaped from his barn in Concord, back on April 22. And yesterday, police finally found him in Sudbury. During his nearly two weeks on the run, Spencer made it from Concord to Lincoln, Weston, and finally Sudbury, where he was found by Sergeant Aaron Corey. Spencer's family tells us he is only four years old, and he lives in Concord with his parents and the rest of their herd, and they admit he's sort of an outcast.

- Spencer's always been more on his own, I'd say, than the other goats. They're born here actually, so I guess, he wanted to see a little more of the world.

BREANA PITTS: Well in a Facebook post Spencer's owner thanked the multiple police departments and an animal control officer, who helped look for Spencer. She says he's not really a people person so she's glad that nobody got too close to him. I don't know if you could have lost a finger or something like that, but he looks cute from a distance.

KATE MERRILL: Spencer I get it, Concord's a sleepy town. You wanted to go to the big city of Sudbury, but there's not much more going on in Sudbury, Spencer, so you got to go back home.

LIAM MARTIN: He always finds his way back home You always find your way back home. Mom can't be too happy with Spencer right now, though.

BREANA PITTS: He's independent. He's four, he can handle it.

KATE MERRILL: And now he's grounded.

LIAM MARTIN: Yeah, grounded for life.