Missing dog found in silo gets reunited with family after 43 days

Peter Sblendorio, New York Daily News
·1 min read

An adorable dog is back home in Michigan after going missing for 43 days.

Animal officials in Kent County managed to bring Milo the Springer Spaniel back to his family after a journey in which the canine traveled nearly 20 miles.

Milo was found on Sunday in the village of Sand Lake, the Kent County Animal Center said in a Facebook post. The dog was stuck inside a bunker style silo at the time of his recovery.

“Needless to say, Milo’s owners rushed to meet the (animal control officers) and their beloved dog,” the shelter’s post reads. “He remembered them immediately and many tears were shed from everyone.”

Milo lost 33 pounds between his disappearance on Jan. 8 and his recent reunion with his family.

“What all Milo experienced during his journey will never be known,” the shelter wrote. “However, we do know he survived frigid temps, snow storms, hunger and dehydration.”

The missing pooch had been spotted toward the beginning of the month, the shelter said, but was not seen for almost two weeks before he was found in the silo.