Missing pregnant woman found dead; boyfriend named person of interest

A missing pregnant woman from Delaware County, Pennsylvania was found dead in a wooded area of Southwest Philadelphia on Monday night. The victim's boyfriend is now a person of interest in the case.

Video Transcript

SHARRIE WILLIAMS: A tragic end to the search for a missing pregnant woman from Delaware County. Police found her body today, and now her boyfriend is a person of interest in the case. Action News reporter Katie Katro live for us at Upper Darby Police headquarters with the full story. Katie?

KATIE KATRO: And, Sharrie, Philadelphia Crime Scenes Unit just showed up here at Upper Darby Police. The superintendent telling me inside of this car is another vehicle linked to the investigation. I spoke with Dianna Brice's mother over the phone today. As you can imagine, she is very upset. Upper Darby Police knocked on her door at around 3:00 AM telling her her worst nightmare-- that her pregnant daughter's body has been found.


The body of 21-year-old Dianna Brice was found a couple blocks away from where her boyfriend's car was on fire the day the couple went missing. Investigators located her body in a wooded area in Southwest Philadelphia last night at 58th Street and Lindbergh Boulevard. In the daylight, we met a mother there grieving for Brice's family.

- It's very sad.

KATIE KATRO: Brice and her boyfriend, 23-year-old Justin Smith, had been missing for almost a week, since last Tuesday, March 30. Today, Smith has become a person of interest in this investigation. Dianna was 14 weeks pregnant, carrying Smith's son. She also had a four-year-old son waiting at home. The couple was last seen at K Laundry in Yeadon where family members say the two were in an argument. Later that afternoon, Smith's car was on fire in Philadelphia at 59th Street and Florence Avenue. Investigators believe they found Smith's wallet and keys nearby. Today, investigators showed us the charred remains of the 2018 black Ford Fusion.

- It's terrible. I mean, sadness. Words don't express how sad it is.

KATIE KATRO: Brice's mother, Betty Cellini, has been pleading for her daughter's safe return for days. Today, her brother says she wants justice served.

NORMAN PASSARELLA: She's a bunch of nerves and panicking.

KATIE KATRO: Brice's mother claims Smith has had previous run-ins with the law, but police couldn't comment.

BETTY CELLINI: And that's the scary thing. I wished my daughter would have never met him.

KATIE KATRO: Again, Philadelphia Crime Scene just arrived here to Upper Darby Police. Another car is inside. They're part of the investigation. Both Philadelphia police and Upper Darby are working on this. So if you have any information, police want to hear from you. Again, Justin Smith is now a person of interest in this case. Reporting live in Upper Darby, Katie Katro, Channel 6 Action News. Rick?

RICK WILLIAMS: All right. Katie, thank you.