Missing radioactive capsule found in Australia

STORY: A tiny radioactive capsule smaller than a coin that was lost in the vast Australian Outback has been found, authorities said on Wednesday (February 1).

The discovery came after a week-long search involving around 100 people along a 870 mile stretch of highway, officials said.

Here's Western Australian Emergency Services Minister Stephen Dawson.

“When you consider the scope of the research area, locating this object was a monumental challenge. The search groups have quite literally found the needle in the haystack. “

The Caesium-137 capsule, which is used by Anglo-Australian mining company Rio Tinto to measure iron ore feed, was lost in transit more than two weeks ago.

The search team used portable detection equipment to find the capsule, which was located about 6.5 feet from the side of the road in a remote area far from any community.

Rio Tinto Ltd (Iron Ore) chief executive Simon Trott apologized for the loss on Wednesday.

“I would be happy to reimburse the cost of the search. Of course that ultimately is a matter for the state government. There will be a full investigation, we’ll fully cooperate with the investigation."

He added that the company would put in place additional controls to prevent the situation happening again.