A Mission of Caring: Palm Beachers bring warmth to displaced Ukrainians

Ambassador Earle Mack, Tom Quick and former New York Gov. George Pataki meet with the ground team at a refugee center.
Ambassador Earle Mack, Tom Quick and former New York Gov. George Pataki meet with the ground team at a refugee center.

Ambassador Earle Mack isn't one to leave things half-done.

After making several humanitarian missions to Ukrainian refugee centers in Poland and Hungary last spring, he and his mission partner former New York Gov. George Pataki were boots-on-the-ground again, this time with equipment to help refugees survive the frigid Ukrainian winter.

Mack and Pataki, accompanied by philanthropist Tom Quick, delivered a dozen industrial-grade, self-generating heaters to refugee shelters in Ukraine and border towns where displaced families will be spending the cold months.

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The temporary shelters, many of which are converted schools or municipal buildings, have been without adequate heat as the Russian military has begun targeting basic infrastructure in the country.

“Over the past several weeks, it has become clear that the Russian strategy in Ukraine is to severely damage, if not obliterate, the electric and energy infrastructure across the country,” Mack said.

"This means that for millions in Ukraine, this cold, unbearable winter must be endured without access to heat. It is critical that we provide Ukrainians with tools that can make a difference. If each heater can save one life, this mission will be an immense success and pave the way for future efforts.”

Quick described the mission as "a call to action for people in the free world to help save lives. ... These are human lives — not collateral damage."

The heroes have returned stateside. So when you see them, give them a big "attaboy!."

And maybe a hot toddy. It's cold over there.

Mish Tworkowski with Dara Caponigro and Joseph Singer
Mish Tworkowski with Dara Caponigro and Joseph Singer

Party time

Mish Tworkowski and Joseph Singer opened their jewelry studio for a cocktail reception welcoming their longtime friend Dara Caponigro to Palm Beach.

And what a welcome it was. Dara, who is editor-in-chief of Frederic magazine and creative director for the Schumacher global textile and design company, got the whole cocktails-and-cheese-puffs thing, as well as an up-close encounter with all that sparkle.

There to welcome her: Lori Mellott, Leta Austin Foster, Jennifer Garrigues, Kate Gubelmann, Norton CEO Ghislain d'Humieres, Carol Mack, Sara and Jim McCann, Mimi McMakin, Susan and Joe Meyer, David Phoenix, Pauline Pitt, Robert Rufino, Tommy Quick, Christine and Gene Pressman, Betsy Shiverick, Preservation Foundation CEO Amanda Skier, Julie and Brian Simmons, Rochelle Wolberg, and a bunch more who can tell a swag from a cornice with one eye closed.


That champion of animals Lois Pope was the recipient of American Humane's Betty White Legacy Award, named for her longtime friend. ...That new-ish PB rez Sylvester Stallone will be attending the "Chiefs Turned Chefs" party at Nicola and Jeff Marcus’ house. The dinner, an auction item at the Palm Beach Police & Fire Ball, features local police and fire chiefs in the kitchen. Like, cooking. We see all kinds of possible punch lines here. First course, doughnuts ... anybody asking for gluten-free will be perp-walked out.


Singer-actress-author Selena Gomez, in town for Thanksgiving festivities with pals Brooklyn and Nicola Peltz- Beckham, at the Target store on Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard with her BFF Raquelle Stevens.

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