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Jackson Women’s Health Organization files lawsuit after Miss. AG certifies abortion trigger law

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The Mississippi Attorney General took to Twitter on Monday morning certifying that the state has certified the trigger law.

“Today, I certified Mississippi’s trigger law and I am excited for our State to move forward in this new post-Roe era to empower women and promote life,” said AG Lynn Fitch.

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Mississippi’s trigger law prohibits abortion except in cases where necessary for the preservation of the mother’s life and where pregnancy is caused by rape.

This comes after the Supreme Court ruled on Friday to overturn the almost 50-year-old court case of Roe v. Wade.

Hours later, Jackson Women’s Health Organization filed a lawsuit to block the Mississippi Trigger Ban.

Jackson Women’s Health cited a 1998 case, Pro-Choice Mississippi v. Fordice, in their argument while saying, in part, “The Court reaffirmed in Pro-Choice Mississippi v. Fordice that ‘[n]o right is held more sacred...than the right of every individual to the possession and control of his own person’, and ‘no aspect of life is more personal and private than those having to do with one’s [own] reproductive system.’”

The lawsuit goes on to say, “This ruling by the Mississippi Supreme Court in 1998 is still standing and is binding precedent that prevents the State of Mississippi from outlawing abortion regardless of the status of the current federal law.”

For the full legislation in the state of Mississippi on abortion, CLICK HERE.


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