Mississippi bride says stranger stole gifts at wedding

A Mississippi woman accused of being a serial wedding crasher is wanted on charges she stole items at a wedding where she wasn’t invited.

Video Transcript

JONEE LEWIS: Detectives here in Marshall County say their investigation has now led them to other cases, not just across the Mid-South, but extending into Alabama. They're hoping with this arrest warrant they can stop this wedding crasher from ruining another couple's special day.

It was the best day of their lives. March 27 of this year, Madison Sacharczyk tied the knot at a venue in Marshall County. Things quickly changed when guests started calling her about gifts she says she never received.

After contacting the venue-- We

KELLY MCMILLEN: Were able to identify this woman and actually watched her remove the property from the gift tables, which is very sad. I mean, that's real sad.

JONEE LEWIS: Deputies identified the woman from the video as Sandra Henson. What they found to be more troubling is this isn't the first time she's accused of doing this. Here's video from our sister station in Huntsville, Alabama, at another reception, where police arrested her for the exact same thing in 2019.

We did some more digging and found additional cases in Tennessee, like from Drew Rush, who filed a report against Henson two years ago when members of the bridal party noticed money and purses missing-- including the bride's.

Jackson Police reviewed surveillance video and found footage of an uninvited Henson.

DREW RUSH: She blended in perfectly, and we just never suspected a thing.

JONEE LEWIS: Their case was resolved in court. But he says knowing other people are going through the same thing years later is upsetting.

DREW RUSH: We're angry that she's still doing it. It's very disappointing that she's still doing such a heinous thing. This is supposed to be one of our happiest days and she's taking advantage of it.


JONEE LEWIS: I called a number listed for Ms. Henson. She told me she had nothing to say about the charges or current warrant for her arrest. But deputies say they won't stop until she is found and held accountable for her actions.

KELLY MCMILLEN: It seems to be an ongoing thing that needs to stop. People don't deserve to be a victim a at a time like this in their life, when they're getting married.

JONEE LEWIS: Madison's post has now been shared hundreds of times with more victims coming forward. She's hoping it serves as a warning so this doesn't happen to anyone else.

Reporting in Marshall County, Joneé Lewis, WREG News Channel 3.