Missouri governor promises vaccine equity

Missouri's governor visited a vaccination site in St. Louis Thursday, as critics in urban parts of his state complain that rural areas are getting more than their proportional share of vaccine. (March 4)

Video Transcript

MIKE PARSON: The bottom line, until the supply picks up, which it is-- every week, we start out about 50,000 in Missouri. Last week, we did about 230,000 that we did last week. So the vaccine is picking up. Johnson & Johnson coming. But things will continue to pick up in the state.

Well, I think any time you look at a major population area like St. Louis, Kansas City, or Columbia, or Springfield, you name them, it's going to take longer to get through the process just simply because of the population. We know that.

The reality of a mass vaccine that what we really want to get to is where we can move into St. Louis or Kansas City or the bigger urban and truly do, quote, "a mass vaccine," where we can bring the guard in and maybe do 6,000 people in one day at one site. That's the goal of where we're headed.