A Missouri teacher was fired for racist comments. Here are other cases in the KC metro

Harrisonville school officials on Thursday fired a high school science teacher for making racist comments in a classroom.

A high school student had, months earlier, reported to administration that John Magoffin used the n-word. Magoffin was placed on administrative leave in April while school officials interviewed students and conducted a hearing into the allegations.

Other educators in the Kansas City area have also faced scrutiny for similar incidents over the past year.

Joe Oswald, a physical education teacher and track and field coach at Pleasant Lea Middle School in Lee’s Summit, was placed on administrative leave in May after he was accused of using a racial slur.

Oswald admitted that he used the slur while reading from a discipline slip he wrote up on a 13-year-old Black student he heard use the slur toward another student during lunch period.

Lee’s Summit school officials have scheduled a hearing for the teacher later this month, FOX4 recently reported.

In May, the Olathe school board unanimously agreed to fire Pete Flood, the Olathe North High School’s head baseball coach, after he allegedly used a racial slur toward a Black player.

Tony Banks shared on social media that said his son, a senior and the only Black player on the team, was playing rap music through speakers during batting practice.

Banks said Flood walked up to his son and told him, “We don’t play that N----- music over here. We only play country and rock music.”