Misty Copeland resting and recovering after back injury

Spending lockdown recovering from a back injury gave ballet dancer Misty Copeland the opportunity to "step back and focus" on her projects, life and career. (Sept. 29)

Video Transcript

MISTY COPELAND: You know, there hasn't been a lot of dancing, number one, because I experienced an injury to my back right before we went into quarantine. So a lot of this has been recovery for me physically. But it's been a moment where I could step back and really focus in a way. I haven't been able to on many projects that have been a part of my career and life for maybe the past decade.

I have a production company, I'm writing more books. So there's so many creative and artistic endeavors that are coming to fruition finally because I have the time to really, really focus on them. But dancing has always been and will be at the heart of everything that I do. So I'm slowly making my way back into moving my body.