Mitchell mother facing 55 years in prison for child abuse fails to appear in court

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Oct. 5—A Mitchell woman who is facing up to 55 years in prison for child abuse due to allegedly neglecting her children and leaving them in "unhealthy, unsafe" conditions failed to appear in court Tuesday.

Laycee Drapeau, 30, of Mitchell, was scheduled to appear in court to be sentenced for cruelty to a minor under the age of 7 and child abuse, which allegedly occurred from May 1-24. Her attorney, Michael Sharp, said he's lost contact with Drapeau, who was recently bonded out of jail with the condition she maintain contact with her attorney and participate in urinary analysis (UA) tests and a 24/7 alcohol program.

However, Drapeau has not been participating in the UAs and alcohol program since being out on bond in early August. She could face up to a maximum sentence of 55 years in prison if found guilty on all of the charges she's facing. After failing to appear in court on Tuesday, Judge Chris Giles issued a no bond bench warrant for her arrest.

According to an arrest affidavit, Drapeau allegedly neglected her four children under the age of 7, leaving them unattended multiple times and exposing the children to "deplorable, unhealthy, and unsafe" living conditions in an "extremely unkept home."

The affidavit says the unkept home that the children were residing in during the neglect was full of human feces, garbage, rotten food and cockroaches. When authorities located the children, they were suffering with "untreated lice," which caused open sores on their head.

In addition, the children were suffering from infected sores on their bodies and other medical issues that were untreated, according to court documents.

A plumber who was called to do work on the home that the children were residing in at the time of the neglect contacted authorities on May 24, after noticing the poor condition the children were in.

Sharp said the children who are the alleged victims in the child neglect case are being supervised by the Department of Social Services.

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