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Mitchell: 'This is the team we wanted to be last year'

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Donovan Mitchell talks about what being selected to the All-Star game means to him as well as the Jazz's success after a win over the Lakers.

Video Transcript

CHRIS MILES: Well, look at that. Another double digit win by the Utah Jazz. They've won 22 of their last 24. 20 of those wins have been by 10 or more. 50 3's in the last two games. That's also an NBA record. Here's Donovan Mitchell.

- So Donovan, you guys are 26 and 6. You have the best record in the NBA. You're excellent defensively. You're outstanding offensively. Are you guys surprised at all that you look up at the standings, and you're four games ahead of the next best team? Did you see it coming this quickly for you guys this year?

DONOVAN MITCHELL: I wouldn't say we're surprised. I think the biggest thing is we kind of expected this for us. I think after the bubble, the way we played, we saw a lot of things that we can definitely improve on. But we also found out about ourselves.

Obviously, missing Bojan. We found out a lot about each other-- what we can do, our competitive nature, and the stuff we need to do to get better. And guys went in the offseason, came back locked in. And this is the team we wanted to be last year.

Last year we kind of had our ups and downs throughout the year. We're playing consistent basketball right now, and that's the biggest thing is continuing to play consistently for each other and doing the little things. We got away from that in the playoffs last year, and we're doing it every night. And we got to continue to do it throughout the year.

- Donovan, what did it mean to you when you found out yesterday that you were going to be an All-Star for the second straight year?

DONOVAN MITCHELL: It's a blessing and an honor. I'm thankful, but I wouldn't be here without my teammates and for my coach believing in me since I got here. I'm continuing to find ways to improve in myself and Big fellow. Like I said, we wouldn't be in this game without the team's success and continue to do things the right way.

And we're going to go out there and also have coach out there-- the coaching staff. I think that's really special. I think for us just continuing to do the little things. And like I said, it's an honor, and we're blessed. And we're ready to put on a show in Atlanta.

But we aren't here you know for the midseason accolades. We're here to do big things in the playoffs, and that's really been the prime goal throughout the entire year. But as someone who came up wanting to be part of All-Star weekend to be there for the second time, man, it means the world. And I'm very thankful.

- I know you guys are all disappointed that Mike Conley didn't get in. No one more disappointed than him I'm sure. Why have things clicked this year between you two guys but also just how he's fit in with the team this year maybe compared to last year? Now, he did battle some injuries last year also.

DONOVAN MITCHELL: Yeah. I think the biggest thing people didn't understand is you go from-- what was it-- 13 years of habits with playing with a guy like Marc and Zach Randolph, who are pick a pop Bigs, to then also being the primary ball handler and then also having to split time with me on the ball and then also have to find Rudy on the lob. It's not much of a pick and pop. It's tough.

And then on top of that, the hamstring injury didn't make it easier for him. But I think the biggest thing is his just development and just trying to find ways to get better, finding ways you know whether it's film, talking to me, talking to Rudy. He's found his niche in what he does.

But like I said, it's been 12 years of habits for him. And I think for him last year was just getting adjusted to it. And now this year you're seeing him more comfortable, a guy who's a leader. His presence is definitely felt on the floor every night.

You saw he came out and had something like 14 early I think. Yeah. I told him to keep shooting, but he's unselfish. He does the little things to find ways to get us better, and I'm very blessed. And we're all happy to have him.

- Well, you guys been so much fun to watch. Congratulations on a great win and a great start to the season, Donovan.

DONOVAN MITCHELL: Thank you. Appreciate it. Thank you, guys.

CHRIS MILES: A great start. How about a historic start? I mean, you look at the last 24 games for the Jazz. They've won 22 of course, but 20 of those wins have been by double digits. They beat the Lakers, Clippers, Sixers, Bucks, Heat, Celtics in a span of two weeks by an average of almost 17 points. That courtesy of our friends at StatMuse.