Mitchell's landfill to welcome dumpster roll-off scraper

Feb. 12—MITCHELL — A new piece of equipment to clean roll-off dumpsters will be available at the Mitchell Regional Landfill in the near future.

The city was approved to purchase a $8,143 scraper that sanitation companies and residents using roll-off dumpsters can access for a fee.

"Basically, it is a scraper that's going to go on the front of a loader that will scrape out roll-offs," Public Works Director Joe Schroeder said.

The fee for the scraper will be $30 per use.

Schroeder said the scraper will be available upon request from private haulers and users.

"The equipment will assist in removing debris from refuse receptacles," he added.

The city of Sioux Falls has a similar piece of equipment it uses at its landfill, Schroeder noted. Mitchell's $30 fee matches Sioux Falls' fee.

Roll-off dumpsters are frequently used in the Mitchell area for disposal of construction debris and other various uses. Miedema Sanitation is a local company that rents out roll-off dumpsters, which are then hauled to the landfill.

Another landfill-related agenda item was approved during the Feb. 5 Mitchell City Council meeting that addresses private and commercial use of the landfill.

The council approved a waiver agreement that protects the city from being sued in the event of accidents.

"The waiver addresses landfill use, damages caused at the landfill, insurance required for commercial companies. It states there will be no scavenging," Schroeder said.