Mix Of Snow, Sleet Falls On Top Of Already Fallen Snow In New Jersey

New Jersey saw a mix of snow and sleet Thursday; CBS2's Vanessa Murdock reports.

Video Transcript

- Vanessa, how are you doing? Tell us about the situation out there.

VANESSA MURDOCK: All right. So what's happening right now, Dana, is we've switched back to a little bit more in the way of light snow here. It was sleeting and freezing rain an hour ago. But earlier today, we had that beautiful snowfall, but it was very heavy for some. So let's take it right to the graphics and show you how much snow fell in the bull's eye of New Jersey.

Biggest number approached the 10-inch mark. That was in Colts Neck-- very impressive and a result of heavy bands moving through the region. Eatontown picked up 8 and 1/2; Brick, 3 and 1/2; as did New Milford, picked up right about that 3-and-1/2-inch mark. As of right now, as you look around the Garden State, there are very few places that stand up to the Garden State name, because you're seeing very little green.

Just about everywhere you look today, it was snow falling on top of snow fallen. Visibility dropped as the heaviest bands rolled through Freehold this afternoon. Meanwhile, in Middletown, this parking lot a repository for too much snow that has nowhere to go. The mountainous mess is growing even taller with each storm. In Essex County, executive's had roads pretreated prior to the start of the snowfall.

JOE DIVINCENZO: --over 187 plows that will plow the snow. And we will make sure our streets are black as quickly as possible.

VANESSA MURDOCK: In Edgewater, seagulls mistake snow for sand along the mighty Hudson. As plows continue to pave the way for steadily flowing traffic on River Road, crews seem in good spirits here-- a thumbs up, a wave-- despite the fact there's still a lot of work to do.

- I'm ready for spring. [LAUGHS]

VANESSA MURDOCK: Harry Mueller's had enough. So has Carlos Vivera.

- I'm getting tired of the snow.

VANESSA MURDOCK: Tells us he moved here from Puerto Rico four years ago, says this is the first winter it really feels like one.

- But we are open--

VANESSA MURDOCK: You're going to stay open?

- --trucking on ahead.

VANESSA MURDOCK: Pizza Club manager Max DeCrosta says business took a hit today. No wonder so many shops and offices closed early, making it home safely a concern.

- I'm 30 minutes that way. I don't know if I'm getting home tonight.

VANESSA MURDOCK: On that note, as of this afternoon, New Jersey State Police had already responded to more than 400 crashes. Please take it easy out there. Note, these temperatures are not rising above freezing tonight. We're live with the Mobile Weather Lab in Edgewater, New Jersey. Dana, back to you,

- Vanessa, thank you.