MLB All-Star Game Expected To Help Boost The Economy

The boost could extend past Coors Field and Denver's Ballpark Neighborhood.

Video Transcript

JIM BENEMANN: Our top story, Denver's a home run for Major League Baseball. The news became official today that MLB is indeed moving the All-Star game from Atlanta here to the Mile High City. And leaders expect to see crowds and excitement like this, when Denver last hosted the midsummer classic in 1998.

Good evening. I'm Jim Benemann.

KAREN LEIGH: And I'm Karen Leigh. Thanks for being with us tonight. So mark your calendars. Coors Field will host the game July 13. The governor and mayor say it could bring $190 million to Denver and Colorado.

Now the last time Denver welcomed the midsummer classic was, as you heard Jim mention, 1998. Both the mayor and governor say we are on a path now to have fewer restrictions in place by July.

MICHAEL HANCOCK: I'm still very optimistic. And it's in our hands here in Denver and throughout Colorado to stay, continue to do the things that we have to do so that come July we are fully ready to be at full capacity in Coors Field.

JARED POLIS: -- the state is pulling back on restrictions in mid-April. Many parts of Colorado will be targeting mid to late May for doing that. Plenty of room there. And I think everybody expects a fully packed, sell-out stadium in July.

KAREN LEIGH: Conor McCue joins us live at Coors Field tonight. And Conor, such great news for businesses. Certainly a big shot in the arm, so to speak.

CONOR MCCUE: Yeah, Karen, this will be obviously an exciting week for the Rockies, Coors Field, and everyone in this area. But it'll be a gigantic opportunity for the city of Denver and the businesses all around. Right now, some of those businesses are already starting to plan for All-Star week in July. And some of them are even a bit hopeful they can make up some of the losses from this tough past year.

- The number five position for the American League.

CONOR MCCUE: In just three months, Coors Field will be the center of the baseball world for the first time in 23 years, a week of big names--

- Hits this one to deep right.

CONOR MCCUE: --and big moments right at 20th and Blake.

- There were about five home runs hit within a seat of him.

CONOR MCCUE: That All-Star week will forever be in the minds of Chris Black and his brothers, who own Falling Rock Tap House. The '98 game came one year after the bar's grand opening.

CHRIS BLACK: It was great for business, and it was also great for our employees. I mean, they made really good money during that time.

CONOR MCCUE: This time, All-Star week will come after the hardest year they've ever had.

CHRIS BLACK: No matter what restrictions they have in place, I'm looking forward to it.

CONOR MCCUE: At Denver ChopHouse, preparations are also underway.

- We had placed an ad last night just to start getting staff.

CONOR MCCUE: GM [? Tanisha ?] Love [? Mayer ?] says COVID precautions will still be in place, and the restaurant is hoping to have even more outdoor seating.

- COVID is definitely on our minds. And we want to make sure that guests feel safe and are ready to enjoy the events that they've missed for so long.

CONOR MCCUE: The midsummer classic bringing much needed normalcy and opportunity for a city ready to step up to the plate.

- It's great for downtown Denver. It's great for restaurants. It's great for this industry.

CONOR MCCUE: Now both of the people we spoke with today say Opening Day this past week actually reaffirmed for them that they can do this. They can do it safely. They can make sure that they have their crowds and keep them safe and also make sure that it is still a fun environment for everyone as they watch baseball, have drinks and food here in LoDo. And hopefully, Jim and Karen, it will not be as rainy as it is right now.

Live at Coors Field, Conor McCue, covering Colorado first.

JIM BENEMANN: We will hope for that, Conor. Thank you, sir.