An MMA fighter was knocked unconscious when he was hit with one of the most brutal shots you'll see

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Flying knee KO at Tuff-N-Uff 129.
Flying knee KO at Tuff-N-Uff 129.UFC Fight Pass
  • Flying knee knockouts are brutal but awesome ways to finish a fight.

  • Desmond Monabat was the latest athlete to provide an expert demonstration of the move.

  • Keep scrolling for a brief play-by-play and a highlight clip of the must-see knockout.

A knockout via flying knee always seems to be one of the most brutal yet awesome finishes one can see inside a mixed martial arts arena.

On Friday, at the Tuff-N-Uff 129 show in Las Vegas, featherweight novice Desmond Monabat gave the latest demonstration of the savagery of the maneuver when he used it to separate his opponent from his senses.

David Loureiro was left face-first on the canvas after eating the shot and lay unconscious for at least 30 seconds while the commentators waxed lyrical over what they had just witnessed.

Keep scrolling for a brief play-by-play of the action, as well as a video clip

1: Monabat plants his feet as he anticipates Loureiro coming forward.

Desmond Monabat 1.
Desmond Monabat 1.UFC Fight Pass

2: Monabat leaps into the air to counter Loureiro's attack.

Desmond Monabat 2.
Desmond Monabat 2.UFC Fight Pass

3: As Monabat hangs in the air he begins to thrust his knee toward Loureiro's face.

Desmond Monabat 3.
Desmond Monabat 3.UFC Fight Pass

4: Pow!

Desmond Monabat 4.
Desmond Monabat 4.UFC Fight Pass

5: The fight-finishing shot folds Loureiro like a lawn chair.

Desmond Monabat 5.
Desmond Monabat 5.UFC Fight Pass

6: The referee waves the bout off in an instant.

Desmond Monabat 6.
Desmond Monabat 6.UFC Fight Pass

Watch it right here:

It was Monabet's first win as a pro fighter after building a so-so amateur record of 4-4.

Tuff-N-Uff 129 event was broadcast on UFC Fight Pass from the Thomas and Mack Center.

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