MN Wild Open Ticket Sales To General Public

The Minnesota Wild are in their final stretch of games before the playoffs, Kate Raddatz reports (1:51) WCCO 4 News At 5 - April 28, 2021

Video Transcript

- The Minnesota Wild are in their final stretch of games before the playoffs.

- The team already clinched a spot in the postseason, but because of COVID restrictions, fans have been limited inside the X. Kate Raddatz shares how St. Paul businesses are hoping the playoffs will bring some new excitement to St. Paul.

- Oh, my gosh, it's been so fun to watch this year.

- Minnesota Wild fans have their eyes set on the playoffs. With a limited number of fans allowed back in the stands at the X, hockey in Minnesota feels like some normalcy after a difficult year.

SHANNON BLOMGREN: Yes, please, we need something to cheer for. Any little bit of positivity that we can bring to this world right now.

- A limited number of general public tickets were opened up to fans for Wednesday's game that had been rescheduled. Due to limited capacity under state guidelines, games have only been open, so far, for season ticket holders.

- The demand for watching this team play this year has been far greater than 3,000 fans per nights.

- Minnesota Wild President Matt Majka says, fans are excited about the playoff bound team, and he hopes more fans will soon be able to see them play in person.

MIKE MAJKA: There are folks who love the Wild and are excited about how the team's playing, but aren't quite ready. But I hope that by the fall when things are different and better-- let's hope. --that we'll be back to something closer to normal.

- It's so great for business.

- The general manager of Tom Reid's Hockey City Pub says, they're anticipating to be at capacity as fans come to cheer on the team.

KATHY GOSIGER: With a 3,000 limit to the X, you know, once they can open that up, that will help that much more.

- The Wild will kick off their home series against the Blues starting tonight at the X at six o'clock. Reporting in St. Paul, Kate Raddatz, WCCO 4 News.

- The Wild did release a very limited number of tickets for the game tonight and tomorrow. We have information about that at