MnDOT reminds residents about campaign sign rules

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Jul. 14—The Free Press

MANKATO — As election season approaches, the Minnesota Department of Transportation is reminding residents that political campaign signs, and signs of any kind, are not allowed on highway rights-of-way in Minnesota.

That includes driving lanes, inside and outside shoulders, ditches, sight corners at intersections and boulevards in urban areas.

Signs also cannot be put on private land without landowner consent.

The reasoning behind the law is that objects along roadways can be hazardous for drivers and maintenance crews, according to a MnDOT news release.

Violation of the law is a misdemeanor, and other civil penalties could also be enforced if sign placement results in a crash, injury or causes damage to a motor vehicle that runs off the road.

The Minnesota Outdoor Advertising Control Act prohibits placing advertising and other signs on public utility poles, trees and shrubs and by painting or drawing on rocks or natural features.

MnDOT will take down any wrongly placed signs and move them to the nearest MnDOT truck station where they will be available for pickup.

MnDOT also recommends calling 811 before digging to put in a sign where allowed in order to avoid an emergency or unintentionally striking an underground facility.