Mobile lab set up to identify Izium mass burial victims

STORY: A mobile laboratory was set up with the help of the the French government.

Ukrainian officials consult with the burial journals to identify the bodies that were found at burial site, but the information may be incorrect at times, according to Dmytro Chubenko, Kharkiv Region Prosecutors Office press officer.

“Situations occur when there should have been a woman, but the man was buried instead, or there should have been one person, but there were three people buried instead,” Chubenko told Reuters.

Photographs and candles stayed near the destroyed apartment block, part of which collapsed due to Russian shelling, leaving more than 50 people buried underneath.

Last month, the bodies of 436 people were exhumed from a burial site in the northeastern town of Izium after it was liberated. Most appeared to have died violent deaths, local officials said.