Mobile military enlistment offices deployed in Russia on border with Estonia and Latvia


Mobile military enlistment offices have been deployed in Russia’s Pskov Oblast, where there are long queues as people seek to leave the Russian Federation.

Source: Mikhail Vedernikov, the governor of Pskov Oblast, on Telegram

Details: Vedernikov says that the situation at the border is difficult; there is a very large group of people, in particular Ukrainians, who are trying to leave the country via Pskov Oblast. However, there are also Russians of conscription age, so mobile military enlistment offices have been deployed on site.

Those planning to leave Russia via Pskov Oblast are advised to monitor the situation and choose the least busy routes.

For reference: Pskov Oblast borders Latvia, Estonia and Belarus in the west.


  • After the announcement of "partial mobilisation", the websites of Russian airlines ran out of tickets for the nearest flights to visa-free countries, in particular Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan.

  • From 19 to 25 September, 66,000 Russians entered the countries of the European Union from Russia, which is 30% more than a week before; this burst of active migration coincided with the announcement of the so-called partial mobilisation in Russia.

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